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All of our guests receive the love and personal attention they deserve. We provide continuous human contact throughout their stay and lots of toys to bring out their natural play instinct.


Our custom built suites offer plenty of room for playing or relaxing. We provide cozy bedding and blankets for a warm and relaxing place to nap. Each suite has full-length glass doors with a view of the play area and a window to the outside to watch the birds and squirrels. 



Standard Suites:

Single Cat- $30 per night.

Additional Cat, Same Suit discount



  • Several Levels for Moving Around

  • Lots of windows for the cats to see out

  • Jumbo Sized Litter Boxes with all Natural, Dust Free Kitty Litter

  • Plenty of Space to Share with Family Members


  • Happy Cat Brush Out- $10.00

  • Wand Play toy 10-15 Minutes Personal Play Time- $7.00

  • Lazer Time Fun 10-15 Minutes Personal Play Time- $7.00

  • Photo and Update Sent Via Text or Email- $8.00.

  • Cat Nip Toy- $5.75

  • Nigh Time Snack; Special Treat at Night- $3.00


Please bring your cat's own food, as we want them to remain on their same diet and feel as comfortable here at Calico as they would in there own home. We also suggest some personal item(s) to ensure their happiness, such as bedding, favorite shirt, treats, etc. We want to provide your cat with the highest level of care possible, so please notify us if your cat has physical impairments due to age or health.


We listen to music or watch movies throughout the day. Classical music always relaxes and comforts our guests at the end of the day.

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